Terms & Conditions

Please read and agreed with our service agreements before submitting any application for processing.

Defined terms

“Megaseen” Means Megaseen Limited, Unit 333A, 3/F, Core Building2, No.1 Science Park Shatin,
N.T. Hong Kong
“the Customer/User” means any company or person who has requested to use the Services.
“Agreement” means any agreement between the parties which expressly or impliedly incorporates these Terms and Conditions as the context demands.
“AUP” means the Acceptable Use Policy
“Services” means the services as described in the Agreement, and services offered by Megaseen as the context requires.

The Customer is responsible for and must provide all equipment necessary to access the Services and must comply at all times with Megaseen’s requirements as regards mode of access and/or use of the Services. The Customer also agrees to abide by (1) generally accepted the AUP and (2) the Agreement.

The Customer shall be entirely responsible for all use of the Services and agrees to indemnify Megaseen against all and any liability arising, directly or indirectly, and in any jurisdiction, out of the use of the Services. The Customer agrees to abide by all applicable laws (whether of Hong Kong or of any relevant jurisdiction) relating to the use of the Services, in particular, but without limitation, the Customer shall not access or publish any matter which violates any laws (whether of Hong Kong or of any relevant jurisdiction) and warrants that its use of the Services does and shall not, directly or indirectly, infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights in any jurisdiction.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing and signed by both parties, this Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. This Agreement is governed by the laws of Hong Kong and the parties hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong.